Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Early Marriage

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..

Early marriage? Yess.. This issue~ seriously, i'm going to talk about it based on my own opinion.. I am strongly agreed with this thingy.. I think, people who think of marrying in early age is awesome.. They are brave enough to take the risks.. They are big enough to hold the responsibility.. They are just so great. It doesnt even show that i am so eagerly want to marry now.. But basically, yes i do.. The main reason is that i dont want to enjoy my teenage joyful moment.. Stop it soon.. Haha.. I was concerned about a couple, but they are not really couple because they have already married each other. Alright, here is the excitement part actually.. They are just around my age.. My Gad!! When i followed their progress, i've got that feeling.. There is an excitement of marrying in early age.. Wee.. Ok, serious!! Its not because imma kind of gatal.. Hahha.. But not to mention laa.. Last night, i've got a piece of paper.. Its a questionnaire.. Guess the topic of the paper?? Hahha.. EARLY MARRIAGE!! haha.. See.. Its not my problem at all if im talking about marriage.. In fact, here in my college in my faculty in my university.. They are all talking about MARRIAGE.. hahah.. Cliche~ and.. Just to mention, i will never get married while in studying still.. Because~ he refused to.. Huhu.. Thanks

Monday, December 17, 2012

Foreign vs. Local

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..

Alright. Just like the previous entry, im going to talk about the presentation thing. U know what?? When one of the groups presenting in front, there is a weird one who was sitting on at the back.. Just after that group finished all the slides preapared, that hardly arrogant nonfemale human being came out with his annoying intelectually challenge question.. "why bla.. Bla.. Bla.." the hall was kept in silence mode.. Who was that? We were asking each other.. Why was he asked them rudely.. Why didnt he tried to come out with the question politely? Euww.. Seriously.. We lost respect toward that foreign guy.. He is not really foreign actually. The best part is he is malay too.. Haha.. Its great.. Hahah.. Just to mention here, we are actually really need to respect each other.. No matter where they come from, what color are they, what races are they, what religious believe are they practising.. The only way to strengthen the bond in between us is through this RESPECTFUL side.. Thats is called ethics, morals and values..

Poster Presentation

Assalammualaikum.. Yes.. Currently, have just finished my presentation. It is the biggest one actually. And for sure, preparation is there and we r just doing it all out.. But, it is such a crap when i pronounced KALUI weirdly. Hahaha.. Seriously, i dont even noticed it and they laughed all over the hall.. Hahah.. But, do i care? Huhu.. Basically, we passed the presentation one by one and when the time comes for me to present.. Hahah.  i dont know what im talking about actually.  hahah.. Then they laughed.. What the heck is that.. Uneventually, i asked them "salah ke".. Oupss.. Fortunately it is not our STEPMOTHER lecture class. If not, my gad.. I would have fined for talking in FOREIGN LANGUAGE. Heh.. For y'll information, talking in your mother tongue which is MALAY is extremely restricted. It is considered as a foreign language.. The only one that we can use while communicating is OMPUTEH.. hahah.. Ouhh crap.. KALUI KALUI KALUI.. HAHHA.. alright.. Clearly, its my bad.. Wkaka..

Monday, December 10, 2012

dear Sharezza =)

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..

Ehem ehem~ saje je nak gtahu.. kite pon ade encik HUBBY =) nama dea AARON AZIZ (bukan nama sebenar).. dea pernah cakap kat kite, dea ade BERLAKON dalam OMBAK RINDU.. ahaha.. kite YE kan saje + hanya mampu TERSENYUM.. huhuhu.. dea memang RAJA dalam hati kite pon.. tak kesah laa kite SUKA carik gadoh dengan dea sekalipun, dea tetap duduk RANKING pertama dalam <3 nehh.. FEWITT~

Kekadang tuh kite saje taknak PAHAM dea, sebab kite nak TENGOK dea akan cakap ape dekat kite.. so far, dea akan JAGA HATI kite.. takda laa TERASA HATI sangat dengan KATA-II dea.. memang pandai =) but but but, kite kekadang tuh ade laa rasa SEDIH.. kite pon tktahu nape, biasanya kite rase tetibe jekk.. bukan salah kite.. salah BABY.. hahaha =p (ade kene mengena ke??).. masa kite SUSAH, dea ar yang jadi RESCUE TEAM.. ala-II BAYWATCH gituh.. so SWEET.. dea comel macam LISA SURIHANI tau..

Kite tak terfikir akan PUBLISH sesuatu yang begini.. tapi kite memang nak dea TAHU, camne MARAH, SEDIH, TERASA, TERLUKA, GERAM dll pon dengan dea, kite tetap letak dea no. 1 DALAM carta hati.. hehehe.. and one more last thing, bila kite nak gtahu SEMUA orang yang mite maen-II jekk pasal MAJLIS tuh?? Ahaha.. =p

: : jangan GADUH-II k, sebab ianya sangat MENYAKITKAN kite.. sekali sekala mengalah, tak salah kan?? : :

rambut sama hitam, hati lain-II..

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..
Dah lame tak ngeUPDATE ini BELOG.. yes, rendu sesangat nak MENAEP panjang-II lebor.. ahaa (Nampak tak keJOHORan tersebut).. hehee.. actually, if i FEEL some kind of feelings baru laa ade MOOD nak menaep-II neh.. and for sure this time i have something to write.. not much, just a little bit from what i have been through these past few days.. GEMBIRA tahap KRITIKAL, SEDIH tahap GULING-II, TERKEJUT tahap SAKIT JANTUNG, RISAU tahap MIGRAIN.. sesume laa senang cite.. huhu

We go through one by one laa senang.. first, daripada apa yang aku AMATI.. (cehh, bahasa SANSKRIT gitu).. i noticed something.. its a common sense laa.. setiap orang ade PERANGAI sebegitu.. but for me, jangan laa OBVIOUS sangat kan? Erkk.. it is actually SOMETHING like this.. “mintak TOLONG boleh??”.. “haruslah boleh”.. (berikan sebaik mungkin).. but when the other time comes.. “wehweh.. mintak TOLONG boleh? EMERGENCY nehh”.. “boleh TAPI bla bla bla.. kesimpulannya, TAK BOLEH laa”.. ahaha.. get me??

Next one.. KIRA.. it is totally not CALCULATION theory or what else.. but BERKIRA.. tak kesah laa kalau nak berkira pon, tapi bila SUSAH tahu pulak cari kita kan.. nak taknak TOLONG laa jugakk.. Cuma aku PELIK siket ar.. aku neh takda laa BAGUS mana, nak cakap aku BAIK mang jauh sekali laa.. tapi, aku tak adalah sampai BERKIRA sangat dengan dot dot dot tuh.. tapi KENAPA turn dea~ beliau sangatlah suka melakukan OPERASI tambah tolak darab bahagi.. aishh ==’’

Bila aku dah BESAR nanti, (perghh, ayat SEDAPkan hati.. kalau tengok SAIZ memang KECIK sangat -__-‘’).. aku harap tak jadik seperti mereka-II.. and and and, yang paling penting just want to live my life happily ever after dengan Mr. Sharezza saya.. HAHAHA.. its quite hurting whenever i think about that.. just imagine, someone who we think could help us in a tight situation.. but refused to do what we asked~ and all this time, FORTUNATELY.. my Mr. Sharezza ade.. banyak sangat membantu, even kengkadang aku terpaksa MEMAKSA nya.. ahaha.. and i knew, he knows that i forced him -___-‘’

Saturday, November 24, 2012

stop behaving like this FARAH~

Assalammualaikum w.b.t~ please answer my SALAM first before PROCEEDING throughout the paragraph.. cehh =..= since studying GENERAL WRITING SKILLS nehh, buat ayat pom macam tules FORMAL belaka.. HAHAH.. adakah saya telah menjadik budak SKEMA yang NERD? euww~ hepp.. back to the main point yeahh.. now~ i don't know what's wrong with myself.. i feel like want to compete with   them laa.. hmm.. SAINGAN yang sihat ape salahnye kan? yes yes yes, YOU CAN DO IT farah~ i know myself, just put more effort on it!! GAMBATE..

actually, i've done THREE papers for the SECOND test.. for the first subject we've took, my result is quite impressive but i don't really satisfied with the one i got.. i have to achieve more and more.. hehehe.. SEMANGAT tuh penting laa.. then, PASSION menyusul.. huhuhu.. but but but, aku neh CAKAP jekk.. mula-II semangat ar, tapi da lelame hilang pula KESEDARANNYA.. wkakaka.. nway, even if i only have that little KESEDARAN dalam diri walaupun sekecil ZARAH~ it is better than i have nothing kan?? haha.. SEDAPkan hati je pom..

hari neh, penad~ jadik TOUR GUIDE ke GEMPAK STARZ punye office.. but seriously, what can i describe about them is that they are really AWESOME!! its kinda good feeling when being the first person to enter their new gallery.. they didn't even launch their gallery yet but we have the opportunity to get into it~ HAHAH.. mohon jangan JELES dengan anak PEREMPUAN encik KHALID number 4 nehh =) saya tahu saya menJENGKELkan, tapi tapi tapi.. ade saya KESAH? saya tahu anda-II jeles.. HAKHAKHAK.. (takpayah nak buat muka SERIUS sangat laa!!)

this is the last paragraph of my writing today, PERASAN takk? hari neh aku sangat banyak menCARUTkan diri dengan meNULIS perkara yang BUKAN-II.. i mean, cerita aku sangat berTERABUR.. hahaha.. i've got that feeling of updating my BLOG.. but, my mind was so BLURR.. why arr? okeoke, sume SALAH exam kan~ hahaha.. semua orang akan HILANG MOOD dan BERUBAH apabila EXAM datang.. (kan dear SHAREZZA?) hahaha :p oke fine, ayat SERAMPANG DUA MATA sebenarnye.. HAHAHA


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the apple of my eyes ^^ (dear SHAREZZA)

In the month of May (2011)
We met for the first time, but I really didn’t recognize people around me. Not even the persons I shared my place with, I couldn’t even remember the names. Simply shouted out their names, hoping they will give a big smile to me. But I know I really need to know well the place. I really have to befriend with the things that I’m used to be someday. Live my life in a different way when I was not on my parent’s sight anymore. Thinking of the best way to carry on living like I have nothing was too bad for the beginner like me. Wishing for some guidance but I was so proud to be that independent girl in the weird land. Just giving some hopes for the one that I leaved for a meantime. It’s hurting me a lot but everything is going to be alright as I let the time goes by. From the first sight, maybe that little lovey-dovey feeling had been felt by him. Not too serious in making conclusion, but as he knew that I had someone else before, that feeling was no longer important at all. Keep that in mind, I was not alone and you were not came by yourself. We both know that we could not know anything regarding to ourselves alone. Don’t overplayed or else you’ll get in trouble. You played it slow, you didn’t think overacted as you know you’ll get what you desired. Thanks to you, that hard-headed human being was not longer in solid mind, but the way she thinks about you can make you feel damn good. No, we were not meant to be together in this month because we still have a long journey to go through. Stop thinking of something not yours, thinking of the way to make it yours as you will know the real life.

In the month of April (2012)
The start of something new, stops stalking that little girl as you were closing to the final destination. Making confession is something good but you have to find for the right time. Confession you’ve made need a ‘yes’ answer in return to make you get the satisfaction to the fullest. I know myself, you know yourself but you don’t know me and I don’t know you. Everything changed when I was keep on silence, no words no feedbacks no jokes no more laughing out loud. The way you stared at me, making me lost my breath. It feels damn hurt but it is not a big deal. You came to me, tried to be nice with me, made us avoid the gap between us and at last the girl could feel what you feel. You lifted the white flag too early, but it was not a big problem for that girl. No matter what, I will assure you are going to be mine. If it is not too late, let’s break the brick in between and build the love. We created our own memories somewhere, no matter what that moment will always keep in my mind. It’s been a long time you didn’t give her a short sentence, it really fine for that girl. She noticed the differences on you, no more texting, no more calling, no more winking, there’s nothing for her. Dear love, she loves you as much as you love her. Stop dreaming of your old mindset, ‘’she is not the right one for you’’. Let’s find a place for us to love each other, a place where no one could break us apart, and a place for only you and me. He is the one who be ‘a perfect dream’ for that girl.
In the month of September (2012)
Still can’t believe, you and me could be together again. After we’ve been through the hardest time, brokenhearted makes you cautiously beware with the same girl. Only a slight wrong step, everything was getting complicated. No solution, being far apart was the best way and the last choice. Hoping for the luck to come, unfortunately there was no space for any other opportunity. Still searching for the suitable time to get back to you, but still you were standing on your own. You are not mentally traumatized, but you can’t even accept me back. I don’t care what you think; I’ll put an effort to have you back dear. Every single step I’ve took, the only thing that I thought only you. How far would you go, how long would you stand? I’ve put aside all the shame, I’ve leaved behind all the brokenhearted, and the only thing now was to find the way to get back to you. Dreaming of being with the one that I loved the most was not weird thing for me anymore. Be my routine as I keep on thinking about that guy. Hoping for someone to lend his ears when I was in trouble, sometimes it hurts me a lot when he didn’t even give me some space to pamper myself. This girl knows how to control herself in front of people, but who knows how hard it was feels? Just pretending like he was there for me even if he was not for me at all, pretending can give me such a relief damn good feeling. When I’ve tried to lift my white flag, he came to me and made a confession. Dear you, there will always a room for your love in my heart even it is way too deep inside me. I will never bury that chance and it is only for one person. When I see the chance in between us, I was so glad. I’m speechless; the only thing that I can say is that I do really love you.

In the month of November (2012)
I love you do you love me? stop hiding it! → I don’t really care if you don’t → you are not a good liar → I can see that from your cute face → you really love me now =) → what? Am I too much? → But I am yours → you are mine, don’t you? → please say yes, I’m begging you :`( → this <3 is only for you → I give you permission to keep that → take good care of it! → humors spread → why we’re saying like that? → Engagement → great if it’s going to be like what we said to them → wait for us to finish what we’ve started (study) → fine for me dear → still want to achieve what I’m dreaming all the time → you’re not ready, so do mine → at last → you still the only one that I love the most =)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

now or never..

            Now I know the thing that he should tell me earlier. I’ve been living with no shame all this time. Build up again my new pride with new intention and determination, but it seems like I was wrong. There’s no need to live in with fake smile. Everything is just so unreal and I’m pretending like everything is in my hand. But the truth is I don’t have the power to change everything. I should be able to figure out this thing earlier, and not just after it went wrong. The answer that he gave me is like something that makes me feel so disturbing. Am I wrong for loving him with full of my heart? Am I too much if I said that he is the only person I’m looking at?
            It is totally different to be someone he loved once before and someone he doesn’t love anymore. It really hurts when he treats you like ‘someone’ but he just assume that you just only friend. It is hurting when you know he respects you for someone he admires to marry with, but it will be more hurting when you know he lost his respect towards the girl he doesn’t even want to marry with even in the future. It really makes you feel like you are nothing even you confessed that you love him more than yourself. And now I realized that the thing can’t even be changed even though you are crying until the last breath of yours.

            I’ve had once promised that he will be the only person I love the most. And it will never change the way I love him even for the way he treats me. I’ve decided, I will keep this feeling alone, never tell him again and again to prove that I have pride, and look forward. It’s really fine for me if he didn’t care about me as long as this love existed, he will always in my heart. From now on, I will try to learn on accepting the fate that we are not meant to be together. Thanks a lot for making me happy all this while =)

            Maybe I could be a good pretender, but deeply inside my heart no one knows how I feel. I can act like I was fine, but he didn’t even know that I hurt a lot. It’s fine for me because I deserve to feel like this. But what can I say is that I’m just the ordinary girl. I love to be loved by someone, but I hate to be hated by someone. Nothing else I can say, but I admitted that I will to prove that I am something. It is not that I have nothing, someday you’ll see me. If I’ve achieved my dreams, I’ll show you that this pity girl has feeling.

Friday, August 17, 2012

new dream, new life..

Assalammualaikum w.b.t.. ohoi ><.. RAMADAN akan berakhir.. feel so excited because kite-II akan celebrate RAYA.. but at the same time, rasa kehilangan.. kehilangan BULAN yang mulia.. insyaALLAH.. huhu.. and now, i'm in KL already.. its been the second day staying here.. from JOHOR to MELAKA, i'm driving myself accompanied by my lil sis and bro.. kinda long journey and its extremely making me exhausted.. HAHAH.. but when we reached melaka, tuka DRIVER.. my sister, EDA.. she drives.. hmm.. actually, i really miss my ANAK BUAH.. da lame tak jumpe.. ade laa dalam 2 3 bulan.. jumpe-II da petah becakap.. ALOLO.. comel ouhh.. HAHAH

malam tadi, p SHOPPING dekat MINES DOWNTOWN.. ya rabbi, crowded habes.. time aku still study upm dulu, aku selalu lepak sane dengan buddies aku.. tapi, takde laa seCROWDED macam sekarang.. we took an hour to park our cars since we brought two cars.. huhu.. penat.. JALAN-II sampai kul 1 lebih.. then , nak balek kete kene BLOCKED.. yeah, ade yang pandai sangat p buat DOUBLE PARKING.. then, they didn't leave any phone numbers.. BENGONG kan? dah SEJAM tunggu owner of the cars, dorang mai.. yang BENGANGnye, dorang dudok dekat kedai makan SEBELAH jekk.. KURANG AJAR sehh =.=

macam nak HENTAK jek kepala MEREKA!! but, i'm not that racism laa.. HAHAH.. berSABAR di bulan PUASA.. its better kan? HAHAH.. malam, aku tido jam 6 pagi and woke up jam 10 pagi.. HAHAH.. simpan ENERGY untok balek KAMPUNG malam kang.. nak JALAN JAUH kan.. hee.. actually, aku tengah CONFUSE.. but aku taktahu ape benda yang aku CONFUSEkan.. HAHAH.. Teruk kan saket?? WKAKA.. nway, i've got HAPPY NEWS today.. my mom called and she told me that i'll be receiving bantuan pelajaran daripada satu ORGANISASI.. hehe.. insyaALLAH.. so, pray for me laa.. pray for the BEST oke..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

everything gonna be so well =)

Assalammualaikum w.b.t.. hi!! erkk, just wondering.. is my life today just alright or not? maybe yes maybe not.. my activity today - i went for medical check up.. its done.. know what? i'd been there (clinic) since 8 in the morning. but all the procedure just done in the afternoon.. oh my God.. i am so tired! but sume staff at sane baek-II belaka.. and hensem :) ngee, gatal tau! hehee.. yang paling saket aty, kene tunggu lelame.. aku neh daa laa hot-tempered.. mane leh tunggu-II sangat.. kang tak pasal-II aku sembor orang yang wat keje terhegeh-II tuh.. HAHAH

and at the time i went back home, tengah-II speeding ade plak road block.. HAHAH.. lek je, aku tak buad salah.. KOTT =='' since theres no crowd at that time, that police officer tahan aku.. and he asked me '' ade driving licence tak ''.. haha.. takda laa pacekk POLIS.. huahua.. '' kejap k ''.. wehh, am i look like a school girl ? imma big girl laa.. aplaa.. malu tau! hakhak.. i pay about 900++rm for my P.. i love my P and i will never langgar peraturan jalanraya.. wkaka.. anyway, sejak menjak nak raye neh, banyak laa pulak polis TRAFFIC buat road block.. okeoke, fine.. nak elak KEMALANGAN kan? hee, i support u all ar.. keep it up!!

and i've got pairs of rabbit.. haha, am i right? pairs of?? erkk,, anehnya bunyi tersebut.. wkaka.. actually i dont really like to have rabbits.. but if they are cute, its fine for me.. aku sayang arnab yang dekat ofis ayah aku bcuz every morning aku maen dengannya.. hehe.. comel tau!! entahlaa, sekarang aku serabut sangat.. since da takda tempat untuk aku mengadu, so i need to write this entry.. biarlah.. its mine.. 

aku serabutt!! cane nak balek u?? macam takde pape ahh.. yuran? fuhh, 2X gaji bulan sehh.. haha.. memang bapak aku tuan tanah kedaung =.= euww.. apekah?? next week, my dad said nak baya yuran.. then prepare for the stuff.. fortunately, banyak barang aku dah tinggal at KL.. so i dont really need to shopping sakan.. huhu.. besederhanakan :)

love story? hmm, know what? i just blocked him from my fb acc yesterday.. its not because i get jealous when that guy bergurau senda dengan perempuan bname EHEM EHEM.. capital NS.. tapi aku rasa its totally wrong kalau aku keep on befriend with him.. sedih kott.. seriously.. aku neh tak kuat sangat.. nampak je lua ganas, dalam aty ade TAMAN MENAN tau.. kahkah.. bebetol ahh =.=

sekarang, the only thing yang aku kene ubah ialah perangai PANAS BARAN aku.. entah laa, aku sedar sejak due menjak neh aku senang sangat nak mengamuk.. ish ish.. terukkan perempuan cenggituh? tak leh jadik bini orang.. hahah

Monday, August 6, 2012

bila serabut ==''

and now, i keep on thinking about my life my future.. its really complicated actually. why? there's nothing to do with my LOVE STORY again. but this time, its all about my education. i will continue my studies this September. i think it just around the corner, and now i'm running out of time. seriously, i didn't do anything yet. oh my GOD, i feel so depressed and i feel like i'm lost, seriously. i have to settle up all the application and all the form. i don't even know which one i would start with. maybe with MEDICAL CHECK UP? fuhh ==''

but at the same time, i feel so excited because i'm about to go back to UPM :) miss that place damn much! and miss all the things happened there.. my friends, my lecturers, my habits and him also. but i really know, this time it won't be easy to me. i hope i will never meet him again. surely, he doesn't willing to see me right?.. i'm ready for any possibilities. to be like someone he'd never know and be a stranger to him, i am ready..

oppss, it is just out of the topic. actually, i would like to say that i really miss my friends. my classmate, they are not really get in havoc, but they are the best ever. the memories remain in my heart and i will never get rid of that memories.. its just so precious to me that i can only gain when i stayed with them there at UPM.. and i will stay back there without them because we get different course for degree.. and for sure, i got what i desire the most ever since.. yess.. DOKTOR PERUBATAN VETERINAR.. doctor in veterinary medicine..

okeoke, i've made my decision.. i have to get ready and be well-prepared for the registration day :) yes, keep it up girl, fight to the finish.. hmm, money?? yeah, one of my problems right now.. but we can find money but we can't find chance.. hhee.. its my fate, so don't waste it right :) hee

pray for me yaa :)

Lasting Forever..

I find it’s hard to express my feelings. The way I feel about what were happening in my surrounding. It starts to get complicated when I’m about to finish my studies. My love story, actually I found someone that loving me and giving me his whole heart. It started unevenly and I didn’t plan it. He fell in love with me since the first day of lecture class. We were in the same class that day but honestly I didn’t notice him. I am so sorry. When he confessed his pure love, I’m shocked but I am not that surprised to know that because I didn’t feel like want to get to him. 

But when time goes by, I feel something different towards him. This common feeling turns to weird one. At the beginning, I didn’t know what was meant to be. But at last, I knew that I’ve had fall in love with that guy. With the strength that I have, I’ve made confession. At that time, I didn’t care if he doesn’t love me anymore or gives me negative feedback. But what I really know is I do love him. After I told him the truth, he just didn’t believe me. He didn’t believe that this girl could give him some space for his love. Yes, I do really love him. He takes good care of me so much, he brightens my days and he makes me smile when I was by his side. Thanks dear. 

But everything changed when I made big mistake ever in my life. I left him for someone else, someone that I loved the most once in a lifetime. That guy came to my life and starts to ruin my love story. My love story with someone named A**** S*******. He keeps on doing something that can make me get back to him. R*** always reminds me to avoid from being closed to that guy, but I refused. I’m hard-headed. At last, I’ve make a big mistake because I didn’t listen to someone that love me sincerely. Surely I’ve take wrong step. And now, I have to live with the consequences that I made myself. He leaved me and now I’m alone. Actually, I missed the moment of us. But when he yelled at me that night, I feel like I lost my pride already in front of him. 

Seriously, I am too na├»ve. I hate him for treating me like bitch. Yes, I am totally wrong because loved two people at the same time. It is totally wrong. But please don’t make me feel like I am bitch. It really hurts. But its fine for me, I do really love him now but I will never let him know ever because I don’t want to act like a bitch. The thing that I am really sure is I will always love him ever since. Let me loving him. I know what I have to do now, I pray to God that one day he will accept me back. Hopefully he will manage to give his love to me but not someone else. Actually I regret with the chaos that I’ve made. It is totally wrong for me and I’ve ruin my own love story. He is just too kind for a girl like me. I don’t deserve to be with a guy like him. 

Even though he doesn’t know that I love him with full of my heart, but I will always pray for him for the best. I really hope that we could be together again. If it is not meant to be right now, but I will keep on thinking that the moment will arrive someday. I will keep on believing that miracle could happen. I wait for that precious moment because you are the one that I really want to be with the most. Sorry for all the stupid things that I created. Deep in my heart, you are the only one and it will never change. He makes me smile, he makes me cry, he makes me feel like I am something, he never stop saying that he loves me and I missed all the things about him. If we were not meant to be together someday, I will always remember the precious moments between us. I do really love you  A**** S******* . But I really know, you will never can get along with this girl again. 

Saturday, June 30, 2012

susah senang biar bersama..

Kenapa susah sangat nak carik orang yang boleh berkongsi kesusahan dan kegembiraan bersama? Pelik laa.. time senang, ade je orang yang datang dekat.. time susah?? Sume lari.. bagus bagus bagus.. serius.. pengalaman mengajar aku untok lebih berhati-II menilai sesuatu individu tersebut.. susah nak cari yang betol-II boleh bersama kita susah dan senang.. kadang-II orang yang jahat tuh bukannya niat sebenar dia nak jadik macam tuh.. mesti ade sebabkan?? Hmm.. and I am so sure, this kind of people has their own intention of doing so.. based on my own experience, aku ade rasa agak menyesal and rasa diri neh agak bodoh bila tolong orang yang taktahu nak hargai pertolongan kita.. hmm, entahlaa... but for sure aku sangat-II terkilan laa dengan manusia-II yang macam neh.. nak tegur pun, aku neh sape kan?? And one more thing, aku tak boleh hidup dengan someone yang kepala angin.. and aku admit yang aku mang kepala angin, so aku tak boleh dengan someone yang exactly the same dengan pangai aku.. entah, terasa aty pon da takguna.. ade masalah lain, lepaskan kat orang lain.. jangan jadi ego laa.. fikirkan perasaan orang lain! Hmm, jangan sebabkan benda kecik nak diperbesarkan plakk!! Aku da bosan menghadap perkara sama setiap hari.. stop it laa!! Aku da banyak sangat simpan terasa neh.. cukuplahh, aku dah tak sanggup.. kenapa perlu jadikan hari yang sepatutnya aku gembira jadi hari paling buruk bagi aku? Tak adil L aku sepatutnya meraikan kejayaan aku hari neh, tapi kenapa buat aku camneh? Kenapa kau tak faham keadaan aku? Jangan engat aku bsenang-lenang dekat sini.. kau sendiri taktahu life aku macamne.. I’ve made my decision!!!!

25 JUN 2012 ( isnin )

Tarikh yang aku akan ingat wat mase neh.. HOHO, cer teka kenapa?? Hah, mane nye tak hengat?? HANDPHONE kesayanganku telah meLUKAkan dan meNITISkan airmataku buat kali yang PERTAMA. . cewahh, ayat lagi nak GEMPAK!! Ngeee , okeOKE.. SERIUS balek k.. meh aku cite satuPERSATU.. biar SURPRISE siket.. ngee.. begini ceritanya.. aku LETAK handphone dekat atas MEJA SOLEK bilik depan.. aku p laa BASOH-II muka.. nak TIDO suda.. tiba-II masok MESEJ dalam enset tuh.. because of its vibration, handset tersebut telah TERGOLEK-II ke lantai.. dan OPPSSS, jadilah COCO CRUNCH ==’’ adoii.. neh yang sedih nak cerita.. SCREEN handset aku pecah!! Mula-II aku macam rilek je, but!! Tiba-II aku telah meNITISkan airmata.. malam tersebut, aku nanges gila-II.. sampai esuknya aku p DRIVING school, mata BENGKAK.. adoii.. skang aku taktahu nak hantar KEDAI or just TRADE IN handset tuh.. tapi, X6 aku tuh full of sentimental value tahu?? Hmm, apakah?? Skang aku takde enset laa.. HAHAH.. tu lahh CONCLUSION entry nehh.. wohoho

Friday, April 27, 2012

the SECOND day of FINAL destination ..

assalammualaikum w.b.t sekali lagi ~ hee , baru pas abeh menelaah BUKU . cewahh ( ayat gramatis sehh ) . hmm , kepala pom da jem je macam setelah bermaen dengan FORMULA seharian neyh . now , its time to have a rest . sekejap je pom . tak lame =='' semalam malam , aku da try jadik HACKER ( jawab paper sains komputer laa ) . tapi macam aku tak sesuai jek bidang tuh . haha . ALASAN semata , padahal tak boleh jawab . WKAKAKA

fyi , malam kang aku nak try bidang ENGINEERING pulakk . tengok camne keadaan aku menjawab PHYSICS . hoho . takodd >,< !!! aku berdoa , semoga ALLAH bantu aku jawab malam kang . aku da usaha yang termampu ( revision ) . MINTAK-II malam kang ingatan aku sangat memuaskan ! hehee . AMIN ~

hmm , ade ag sbenanye yang nak dicerita . HAH . malam tadi , aku touching abes sehh . sebab ape ? HMM , gini ceritanya . aku nye PERANGAI neh laen cket kott . biasenye , sebelom EXAM aku mesty KOL mak aku dulu . mintak RESTU laa konon-II . then aku KOL laa my lovely MUM ! tapi tak berangkat . aku kol ADEK aku . KAKAK aku yang angkat . but she sounds different laa . cam touching gtuh . aku tanye nape , dea cakap MY DAD jatuh :( touching aku . tapi dea soh rasiekan . HAHAH (bongok , aku p cite plakk =='' ) 

hmm , tuh yang malam pas exam aku nanges . errkk , rasie k aku nanges ! hmm , rendu nan AYAH laa . time-II exam plak tuh kan . takpe-II , FIGHT to the finish for the only AYAH ! yang jadikan aku lagi sedih berGANDA-II tuh bila aku dok denga lagu WORDS ! adoii , sape yang pena denga kompom leyh touching . HAHAHA . nway , aku doakan dea SIHAT-II jek skang neyh . kalau sempat , minggu neyh aku lek laa even ary SENIN ade paper . muktamad . HOHO

# yang penting , doakan AKU pat result GEMPAK . bole jawab SOKLAN dengan TENANG and COOL jee ( tuh yang paling penting ) #

Thursday, April 26, 2012

the first day of the JUDGEMENT DAY !

assalammualaikum w.b.t .. hee :) ape kejadahnye laa buat title macam ue ? macam orang tak beriman =='' ASTAUGHFIRULLAH . takde , i'm waiting for this night (tonight laa) . sebab ary neyh PAPER 1st for FINAL EXAM sem akhir . takott . ary neyh subjek SAINS KOMPUTER . hah , memang takde kene mengena pom dengan PERTANIAN . elee , jeles letuww kalau aku nak jadik HACKER berjaya lepas neyh . wkaka . (jahat-II) . alaa , aku selalu terSKIP lecture klas SSK neyh . alahai , bukan sengaja laa . terpaksa =='' kau tahu ape . HAHAA . kekadang ue , baru langkah masuk kelas tup-II kelas dah HABES . hahaha . cemerlang kan :)

ekot logik , macam senang jek SSK neyh kan ? TAPI , fuhh -__-'' sangat laa menyeksa JIWA dan RAGA . assignment mang laa complete ! dapat DEMONSTRATER best macam ABANG MIE , complete le . HAHAH . terbaek wokk ! tapi nak jawab exam neyh yang GAWAT . baca-II pom ukan aku paham pom . BUTA IT kott mynah neyh lau nak tahu ! HAHAHA (errk , pecah rahsia suda) . alaa , mang pom . takat men tekan-II keyboard neyh terer laa aku . maen MARIO ke , mang kepakaran aku kott . HAHAH :p

apa yang aku tahu , aku kene usaha sebaek mungkin malam neyh . perah otak seperah-II nya . AHAH . cam SALAH jek ayat aku ? hmm , lantak laa . aku akan try wat yang terbaek . THEN , tawakaltu ALALLAH .. insyaALLAH . ade rezeki ada laa kan :) berfikiran POSITIF + bersangka BAIK = mukmin BERJAYA . kehkeh . nway , aku kene tepom EBU kesayangan aku dulu . macam bese , before answering my PAPER aku akan mintak restu EBU dulu :) baru beiye aku menjawab . SIYES , tak tipu laa ==''

# doakan aku dapat result gempak seGEMPAK-II nye . kalau bole , AMALINA OMAR pom kalah . HAHAH #

Sunday, April 22, 2012

di sinun ia bermula =)

- 14th of OCTOBER -
- 15th of MAY -
- 16th of APRIL - 

just to remind myself , these date ! kene ingat bebeno yopp . entry neyh akan dapat menyelamatkan aku satu hari nanti . hoho . ( selamat le aku , an aku ade saket PELUPA yang terokk ) . HAHAH . the last date is everything . i'm hoping that our plans akan menjadi kenyataan . cewahh ( OVER kau senahh ! )

# that's all . peace yo ! #

Thursday, April 19, 2012

DINNER yang aku taknak pegi ==''

Assalammualaikum wbt ( orang islam laa ) . HEHEE . saje je nak wat entry baru . apsal ? tak bole ? eleh , suke aty ar . HOHO :) actually aku nak crite pasal DINNER ! baru-II neyh tempat aku belajo neyh ade wat dinner for all student yang da nak habes . [ GALA DINNER ASPERIANS ] ! . weee <3 kau ade ? ngee . ( bangga diri pulakk , astaughfirullah -___-'' ) berbalek pade crite yang aku nak cerita (maaf , terpesong dari tajok utame pulokk) , aku nak crite ape ye sbenanye . HMM . lupa lakk . HAH ! aku sbenanye takmo pom p dinner . da lame baya sbenonye , but at d moment aku nak tarek diri tuh da tak bole . actually nak TAREK DIRI bole . but nak DUIT balek mang nggak bisa dong . HAHAH ( keluar bahasa ibunda =='' ) 

bukan aku taknak p , cuma aku nga kering mase tuh . in fact , as perempuan yang menjaga TATASUSILA , ETIKA dan PROTOKOL sewaktu berada di dalam majlis aku perlu memifirkan tentang OUTFIT (cewahh) yang aku nak pakai ! HAHAH . da dapat tak idea sbeno ? ngee . senang cite aku takde baju laa NGOKNGEK . at last , aku pakai je baju yang sedia ade . kira RECYCLE balek laa , nak beli tengah tak berkemampuan pulakk . actually KAKAK aku ade belikan EVENING GOWN , tapi time nak pakai .. hmm , KECEWA rasanya . baju tuh da mengecik :( bukan salah aku . baju tuh yang MENGECIK oke ! HAHAH . 

aku dok makeup an sume kawan aku , aku sempat makeup sebelah muka je . HAHAH , datang da laa lambat . memang BERDISIPLIN kan ? terima kaseh atas pujian tersebut :) meh laa aku cite . aku p pom sebab ade NIAT JAHAT ! ekeke , takda ar jahat sangat sbenonye . actually sebab aku nak tengok SOMEONE yang shy-II cat PERFORM ! hah . malas nak bergosip pasal dea , berdosa plakk . tapi yang best part nye bila for the first time aku dapat BUNGA ! bunga ape ? [ ROSE oke ] . kau ade ? HAHAH . bunga edop ag tuh <3 i was shocking but aku kan COOL , lek je . PEACE !! 

oke-II fine , tuh bukan BUNGA aku . kawan aku punya sebab dea dapat 5 ! placing jek . yang aku orang tak leyh tengok , kang aku TUMBOK muka seko-II . lalala~

tuka topik lak k , kang ade pulakk yang begosip pasal BUNGA aku . WKAKA . dinner tuh mang ohsemm . even tak laa grand sesangat , but its OHSEMM ! ade pelayan gtuh . tuang-II aer bagai , rasa macam ade PEMBANTU RUMAH lak ( nak cakap ORANG GAJI tak elok ) . HAHAH . best-II . nak ade orang gaji sendirik at uma tak kesampaian lagi , time neyh laa nak buli MEREKA-II . saje jek aku minom aer ue bagi tinggal siket . bio dorang tuang , tuang and tuang sampai TERMUNTAH . wkaka . JAHAT sehh ==''

ade ag yang best-II , here it goes . kenangan terakher dengan my classmate and dak-II same course neyh . for sure , i'll miss them someday :) love y'll sbenanye , tapi tak perlu laa nak cakap . GEDIK ! hahah . my bestfriend :) HAFIZAH BINTI ALIAS and NURIRWANA SUHAILI , love y'll damn much !! i can bet , korang tak kan miss aku macam aku miss korang <3 sayang korang KETAT-II !

kompom kang da abes neyh , aku rendu KOME due orang ! MOAAHHH ! hmm , kenangan nan korang mang d best walaupom aku selalu tinggal-II kan korang tiap ujong minggu . HAHAH . sorry ae :) hmm , banyak ag gambo sbenonye ! tapi takmo laa aku upload satu album tuh kan , siket-II suda laa . bahaya kang . wkaka . ade gok gamba yang akan menjadi buah mulut masyarakat setempat apabila aku mengUPLOADkannye pom . so , TAK PAYAH ! haha . 

at last , aku balek dengan badan yang penad , kaki yang nak tercabot ( sebab pakai high heels ar , glamour gtuh , : p ) , muka yang serabot and HAPPY ! (ade maksud laen sbenonye ) . HAHAH . thanks for all yang terlibat dalam majlis DINNER malam tuh . cewahh , ucapan ala-II PERDANA MENTERI plakk . hoho . nway , aku suke sangat <3

hehe , aku nye pom :) suma yang aku pakai tuh barang orang . wkaka . ( diam-II k , simpan rahsia neyh ) . hah , scarf : kakak aku belikan at downtown , selendang : kakak aku , baju : kakak aku , kaen : kakak aku , kasot : kakak aku , beg : kawan aku . HAHAH . ade laa certain-II yang sendirian berhad :) melampau kau senahh lau yang tuhh pom PINJAM . HAHAH . nway , the sweetest memories ever in here :) love y'll .

# saje tules entry neyh , at least engat kengkawan and i have something to REMEMBER ! aku an de penyaket nyanyok . HAHAH #

kalau perangai macam jual IKAN !

semalam pepagi ag suda ade orang mintak tapak . HAHAH. astaughfirullahalazim =='' tak terbukak pintu rezeki aku , mane taknye pepagi da marah-II . alaa , mang aku patot rasa marah pom . kalau kita nak susa , bia sama-II susakan ? jangan nak melampau sangat ar . kiranya nak selesa sorang , HAMPEH ! grrr, saba saba !

aku paling tak gemo kalau naek bus PLAYGROUND ue , ade pompuan-II gedik dok pelok tiang yang ade . macam SIALL laa perangai . nape ? wehh , orang laen sume nak pegang tiang tuh . kalau kau dok pelok , tergesel-II at tiang ue , camne yang laen nak pegang ? memang NGOKNGEK kepala KEMEK laa kau pompuan . kau bajet cun laa lau pelok tiang ue ? masing-II lak inertia beso , boleh tergolek-II lau tak pegang mane-II .

pade pompuan-II yang ade perangai semacam tuh , tolong laa . open your mind ! jangan SELFISH sangat . GELI seyhh aku tengok lau ANDA-II dok pelok tiang tuh . pesanan ikhlas daripada aku , kalau nak sangat pelok tiang tuh sila lah bawak tiang sendiri dari RUMAH ! nak pelok , nak panjat , nak men cop-II tiang ke hape ke lantak kau laa . janji jangan nyusakan orang lain and aku merayu tolong laa ubah perangai SELFISH kau yang terlampau tuh !

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ape citer skang ? hoho =)

Assalammualaikum wbt. hoho :) sudah sekian lame aku tak bukak belog sendirik , sampaikan password pom boleh lupa . HAHAH . terok saket kan ? maaf laa , aku mang ade penyakit nyanyok sikit . = = '' hah , neyh nak dok citer pasal current issue . hahah , issue laa sangat . nope , actually its all about me . lame da tak wat entry means that aku mang ade banyak benda yang nak dijoyahkan . hehee . APTB . nak tahu tak nak tahu tak ? (teserlah kejoyahan yang kronik) . aku tinggal ag 2 weeks only in here ! mane ? hehe , aku skang at oversea. jadik OMPUTEH sekejap . wkaka . (perasan giler seyhh minah senget neyh) . takpe-II , one day oke :)

takda ar  , untok education level aku kali neyh aku da nak habes ! tu lahh , 2 minggu jek tinggal . a week for my study week then proceed to the FINAL EXAM ! arghhh , takot seyhh -__-'' ape jek yang lekat at pale hotak aku wat mase neyh ? ngee~ taknak gtahu ahh , malu >.< ! (gedik sehh) . HAHAH . preparation ? jangan di tanya laa , terasa macam tengah berbulan madu kott . rilek-II bagai , kang da nak dekat exam LINCAH KADOK bukak buku . macam bese laa . prepare at the ELEVENTH HOUR ! hahah . terokk sehh . tak kesa laa , at least aku buad , takda laa rase mengong sangat time final t . wee <3

siyesly , excited nak cuti panjang , but deeply in my heart (perggh , ayat bbunga tuhh) aku sangat takod . ylaa , nnty aku nak watpe at uma ? mesty boring tahap cipanzi kan ? then , aku kene ready and prepared-well mentally and physically ! bcuz its gonna be my turn to be an angel for my LEBLY FATHER :) angel laa sangat ! takde laa , turn aku jaga ayah . hopefully aku buad terbaek sekali ! hahah , dah ade TER nak SEKALI jugakk . betol le failed BM ==''

<3 hah ! ade gosip terbaru . only a rumor or it is exactly true ! ehh , mane leyh btau . rasie arr JOYAHH ! lantakk laa ape kamu-II nak fikir . aku tak pena buka mulut kan ? HAHAH . anyway , aku harap this happiness will last forver :) 

# fight to the finish ! FINAL EXAM SEM 3 FOUNDATION IN AGRI. SCIENCE 2011/2012 (UPM) #

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

adakah anda terganggu macam saya ?

Sila jawab dengan spontan, ~ ~jangan berfikir ibarat menjawap SPM ~~ Baca satu demi satu. dan anda semua haruslah Fokus.!!('',)

Permainan konsentrasi warna :

1. Kertas A4 apa warna dia ?

2. Asap warna dia ?

3. Tisu warna dia apa ?

4. Lembu minum apa ?

yang jawab susu konsentrasi anda terganggu, sebab lembui minum air.

1. Rambut anda warna apa ?

2. Tulisan ini warnanya apa ?

3. Jalan raya warnanya apa ?

4. Kelawar tidurnya bila ?

yang jawab malam, ertinya kosentrasi anda terganggu. sebab kelawar tidur siang hari.

1. Warna cendol apa ?

2. Daun kelapa warnanya apa ?

3. Warna bagi kebanyakkan daun ?

4. Harimau Makan Apa..?

agak2 la der harimau makan rumput..harimau makin daging la..hahaha


Konsentrasi gua terganggu sampai level 2 sahaja.., level 3 dah dapat jawap..hee

Siapa yang skip baca entri ini pasti tak rasa apa-apa...lalalalala,

set fire to the rain - adele

I let it fall, my heartAnd as it fell, you rose to claim itIt was dark and I was overUntil you kissed my lips and you saved me

My hands, they're strongBut my knees were far too weakTo stand in your armsWithout falling to your feet

But there's a side to you that I never knew, never knewAll the things you'd say, they were never true, never trueAnd the games you play, you would always win, always win

But I set fire to the rainWatched it pour as I touched your faceLet it burn while I cry'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

When laying with youI could stay there, close my eyesFeel you here, foreverYou and me together, nothing is better

'Cause there's a side to you that I never knew, never knewAll the things you'd say, they were never true, never trueAnd the games you'd play, you would always win, always win

But I set fire to the rainWatched it pour as I touched your faceLet it burn while I cried'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

I set fire to the rainAnd I threw us into the flamesWhere I felt somethin' die, 'cause I knew thatThat was the last time, the last time

Sometimes I wake up by the doorNow that you've gone, must be waiting for youEven now when it's already overI can't help myself from looking for you

I set fire to the rainWatched it pour as I touched your faceLet it burn while I cried'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

I set fire to the rainAnd I threw us into the flamesWhere I felt somethin' die'Cause I knew that that was the last time, the last time, oh

Oh, noLet it burn, ohLet it burnLet it burn

mata ke atas, tangan didadaa.. tenung ke langit, kire le bintang-bintang yang adee..

nak ngire bintang dok wat gapo? ujan lee.. ahaha.. baring-boring camneh, baek aku flashback moment lepas.. hahaa.. aku nak becerita, tapi cerite haku neh mang terabor le.. wakaka.. teruk tol penyaket MINAH neh..

hah, tadi aku p somewhere ouhh.. aku dok ngelek anak buah.. kecik ag.. tetibe, ade abang ue tegor.. ''eh. da ade anak ke?''.. aigoo.. sume dok pandang aku.. adei adei.. ade ke patot.. aku de rupe MAK ORANG ke? hahaa.. agaknye ad kott.. lalala~ in fact, orang panggil aku ''IBU''..

neh le budak betuah tuu.. wkaka

tengah-tengah dudok, aku teringat OLD BOYFRIEND.. awal malam tadi masuk dewan bedah.. kene operate kaki.. i mean, kene potong.. hmm, sedih aty aku fikirkan dea.. semoga keputusan neh, dapat jadikan dea sehat.. terseksa aku tenguk dea macam tuh.. aku dapat chance jage dea satu malam.. saket sangat agaknye sampaikan dea mintak DOC potong kaki dea.. MASYA-ALLAH.. kalau laa saketnye boleh dipindahkan ke aku.. sayu hati aku time jaga dea.. nak MENITIIS gok aer mata, tapi aku taknak dea nampak.. takut dea puns jadik sedeh.. hmm, mungkin aku jaga tak cukup baek malam tuh dengan badan penat.. mana taknye, baru balik dari KL.. terus jaga dea.. huhu.. aku try wat terbaek.. selama aku jaga dea, tak banyak DUGAAN besar yang aku alami.. ALHAMDULILLAH.. tapi sebelah malamnye, dea kejut aku tiap jam.. dea saket katanye.. mengGIGIL satu badan.. aku buat laa yang termampu.. mungkin tak cukup baek.. MAAFKAN FARAH my old boyfriend ! aku dek badek da janji, akan ubah diri masing-masing and wat yang terbaek untuk dea cepat sembuh.. kami akan bagi SEMANGAT and usaha yang termampu.. insyaALLAH.. 

yang tengah tuh laa MY OLD BOYFRIEND.. rendu saat-saat dulu time dea sehat ! takpe, aku percaya dea akan sehat !

now, my mum jage dea.. hmm, ibu ibu ibu.. insan yang paling aku RESPECT dalam dunia neh.. macam-macam pengorbanan yang ibu da buat.. tak pena MENGELUH, COMPLAINT or MENYESAL ade family cam kitorang.. ibu laa yang terBAEK dalam kalangan ibu-ibu yang ade! time jage ayah, ibu tak pena rasa janggal or malu dengan keadaan nye.. balik keje, ibu terus layan ayah.. tak pena pulakk dea tunjuk muka penat at kitorang.. ibu memang THE BEST.. sayang ibu sangat-sangat.. yang paling obvious, time aku ekot ayah p dressing at KK PENEROK.. ibu tak pena berenggang dengan ayah! ibu memang dilahirkan untuk berada disisi ayah.. terlintas at pale hotak aku yang dah JAMMED neh.. ''bole ke aku JADIK ibu yang baek macam ibu FATIMAH ?'' takot plak rasenye.. insyaALLAH.. anakmu neh akan berusaha untuk mengikut jejak langkahmu.. insyaALLAH !

yang tengah tuh laa MY SUPER MAKK ! uppss, salah.. my SUPER IBU !

:: ya ALLAH ya tuhanku, kau permudahkanlah segala urusan hambamu ini.. hindarkanlah daripada sebarang musibah mahupun kecelakaan.. AMIN ::

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