Friday, November 18, 2011

no one could understand..

Talking to the moon..

*i want you listen to me, i have no one right now. I only have you and you’re shining brightly tonight. I only noticed your existance not the others.

*please listen to my heart, its too hard for me to face all these obstacle. I’m only an ordinary girl. I don’t have any speciality, i stand by my own. And now, it will always be like this.

*i have big problems now, but no one can help me. I only seek for HIS helps. Ya Allah, please help me. I’m begging you, please makes my father healthier and live longer. If it had been written, just take me. Don’t take him. My family still needs and loves him.

*nothing can describes his suffer, no one understand his condition, no one could feel his painful. Its so hard for me to think about it. Only the person itself knows how its going so far.

*honestly from deep of my heart, i hurted a lot. I feel a lot of pains and suffering from all that happened.  But, it can’t be compared with my father’s condition right now. Oh God, let me bears his suffer. Let him be healthier, let him live longer, let him be happier. It’s alright for me. If it is only the way to make him better, yes i will do anything.

*now the only thing that is vital for me is my father. I love you so much dad. I will try to be a good daughter you ever have. I promise. God, help me to achieve my dream, this is the only thing that i want to think about.

*take me, let him free...

MUET muet MUET..

what should i do now? maybe, nothing! its getting late.. as what i know, i'm preparing for nothing.. which means i don't do anything.. oh my GOD, please help me tomorrow.. it just around the corner and now i can feel butterflies fly in my stomach and they won't stop! i really afraid of the LISTENING test! why? i had tried to do the LISTENING test.. and ohh GOD.. its really hard.. i can't concentrate to the speaker and i got confused whenever i tried to read the question and at the same time i tried to listen to the keywords.. plus! i don't know how will the test is happening.. here, i just want some good advices or tips that can make me be comfortable with the situation.. at least, i will not be like a DUMMIES when i go to the EXAMINATION room.. if possible, when i walked into the room so that i know what i need to do.. it is only my first problem here and i have another problem regarding to the same thing! yeah yeah yeah.. same goes to the WRITING test.. what should i write on the paper? do i need to write down my own silly words or based on some aspects? i don't know! this is my first time ever when i take an examination without further briefing or information.. i know NOTHING! i hope, GOD will help me tomorrow and i should be able to do the best.. i'm expecting high expectation which i need to achieve.. i don't want to be OVERCONFIDENT or something, but for sure i need to do the best until the end.. right? if tomorrow could end with a smile, i would be the happiest person ever in the WORLD.. now, i think i want to call my mum.. and seek for her powerful advice! hahaa.. don't be so jealousy ohk?? wkaka

Saturday, November 12, 2011

my lovely family..

Assalammualaikum wbt..

Today, i would like to talk on my situation now.. yups, keadaan aku skunk neh.. for y'll information, aku skunk at spital.. HOSPITAL DAERAH PONTIAN.. kenape kenape kenape?? yes, here it goes.. semalam ayah aku kene tahan at spital.. ha a, bg yang tau tuh diam ler.. bapak aku mang da lame saket.. before ni, bapak aku mang da banyak kali masuk spital.. dulu siap kne OPERATE ag aw.. but this time, fortunately leh kua awal.. ALHAMDULILLAH.. ape yang berlainan dis time is bapakku saket time aku tkde at uma.. aku at KL.. hmm, ukan aku p beseronok yer.. aku study at sane.. kames malam jumaat, aku dapat tau condition bapakku agak KRITIKAL.. sedih hati aku bile dapat tau keadaan bappku tuh.. yelaa, sape yang tk sdih an.. aku neh an joyah, so sebok sebok dok tanye kakak kakak aku yang at kampong.. malam ue, our private doctor datang.. and according to him, essuknye bapak aku kne dhantar ke spital.. so, that is why aku berade at sini hari neh.. huhu.. malam ue jugak aku packed barang.. mang semangat sangat nak balk.. even though aku ade program pd ary sabtu.. fulled.. tp aku tktau laa.. mang teringin nak lek.. esuknye pas klus AGRICULTURE, aku tewos p TBS beli tket.. fortunately laa aku dapat tiket paling awal.. aku beli tket and tewos naek bus.. cume dalam perjalanan ue, something really BAD happened.. this moment is something like a NIGHTMARE for me.. seroiusly, aku tkleh tdoe pas ue.. cam TRAUMA gak ler.. aku jumpe nan ORANG TK BETOL.. takot giler.. huhu.. nk dpendekkan cite, ALHAMDULILLAH aku sampai kampung dgn selamat.. n keadaan ayahku jugak bertambah baek.. so the second day ayahku at spital, turn aku jage.. n pas DRESSING luka ayah, doc cakap ayah leh balek tp kne uat regular dresssing at klinik kesihatan.. seronoknye.. Hmm, aku harap ayah akan cepat SEMBUH n sehat sepenuhnye.. AMIN.

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