Friday, August 17, 2012

new dream, new life..

Assalammualaikum w.b.t.. ohoi ><.. RAMADAN akan berakhir.. feel so excited because kite-II akan celebrate RAYA.. but at the same time, rasa kehilangan.. kehilangan BULAN yang mulia.. insyaALLAH.. huhu.. and now, i'm in KL already.. its been the second day staying here.. from JOHOR to MELAKA, i'm driving myself accompanied by my lil sis and bro.. kinda long journey and its extremely making me exhausted.. HAHAH.. but when we reached melaka, tuka DRIVER.. my sister, EDA.. she drives.. hmm.. actually, i really miss my ANAK BUAH.. da lame tak jumpe.. ade laa dalam 2 3 bulan.. jumpe-II da petah becakap.. ALOLO.. comel ouhh.. HAHAH

malam tadi, p SHOPPING dekat MINES DOWNTOWN.. ya rabbi, crowded habes.. time aku still study upm dulu, aku selalu lepak sane dengan buddies aku.. tapi, takde laa seCROWDED macam sekarang.. we took an hour to park our cars since we brought two cars.. huhu.. penat.. JALAN-II sampai kul 1 lebih.. then , nak balek kete kene BLOCKED.. yeah, ade yang pandai sangat p buat DOUBLE PARKING.. then, they didn't leave any phone numbers.. BENGONG kan? dah SEJAM tunggu owner of the cars, dorang mai.. yang BENGANGnye, dorang dudok dekat kedai makan SEBELAH jekk.. KURANG AJAR sehh =.=

macam nak HENTAK jek kepala MEREKA!! but, i'm not that racism laa.. HAHAH.. berSABAR di bulan PUASA.. its better kan? HAHAH.. malam, aku tido jam 6 pagi and woke up jam 10 pagi.. HAHAH.. simpan ENERGY untok balek KAMPUNG malam kang.. nak JALAN JAUH kan.. hee.. actually, aku tengah CONFUSE.. but aku taktahu ape benda yang aku CONFUSEkan.. HAHAH.. Teruk kan saket?? WKAKA.. nway, i've got HAPPY NEWS today.. my mom called and she told me that i'll be receiving bantuan pelajaran daripada satu ORGANISASI.. hehe.. insyaALLAH.. so, pray for me laa.. pray for the BEST oke..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

everything gonna be so well =)

Assalammualaikum w.b.t.. hi!! erkk, just wondering.. is my life today just alright or not? maybe yes maybe not.. my activity today - i went for medical check up.. its done.. know what? i'd been there (clinic) since 8 in the morning. but all the procedure just done in the afternoon.. oh my God.. i am so tired! but sume staff at sane baek-II belaka.. and hensem :) ngee, gatal tau! hehee.. yang paling saket aty, kene tunggu lelame.. aku neh daa laa hot-tempered.. mane leh tunggu-II sangat.. kang tak pasal-II aku sembor orang yang wat keje terhegeh-II tuh.. HAHAH

and at the time i went back home, tengah-II speeding ade plak road block.. HAHAH.. lek je, aku tak buad salah.. KOTT =='' since theres no crowd at that time, that police officer tahan aku.. and he asked me '' ade driving licence tak ''.. haha.. takda laa pacekk POLIS.. huahua.. '' kejap k ''.. wehh, am i look like a school girl ? imma big girl laa.. aplaa.. malu tau! hakhak.. i pay about 900++rm for my P.. i love my P and i will never langgar peraturan jalanraya.. wkaka.. anyway, sejak menjak nak raye neh, banyak laa pulak polis TRAFFIC buat road block.. okeoke, fine.. nak elak KEMALANGAN kan? hee, i support u all ar.. keep it up!!

and i've got pairs of rabbit.. haha, am i right? pairs of?? erkk,, anehnya bunyi tersebut.. wkaka.. actually i dont really like to have rabbits.. but if they are cute, its fine for me.. aku sayang arnab yang dekat ofis ayah aku bcuz every morning aku maen dengannya.. hehe.. comel tau!! entahlaa, sekarang aku serabut sangat.. since da takda tempat untuk aku mengadu, so i need to write this entry.. biarlah.. its mine.. 

aku serabutt!! cane nak balek u?? macam takde pape ahh.. yuran? fuhh, 2X gaji bulan sehh.. haha.. memang bapak aku tuan tanah kedaung =.= euww.. apekah?? next week, my dad said nak baya yuran.. then prepare for the stuff.. fortunately, banyak barang aku dah tinggal at KL.. so i dont really need to shopping sakan.. huhu.. besederhanakan :)

love story? hmm, know what? i just blocked him from my fb acc yesterday.. its not because i get jealous when that guy bergurau senda dengan perempuan bname EHEM EHEM.. capital NS.. tapi aku rasa its totally wrong kalau aku keep on befriend with him.. sedih kott.. seriously.. aku neh tak kuat sangat.. nampak je lua ganas, dalam aty ade TAMAN MENAN tau.. kahkah.. bebetol ahh =.=

sekarang, the only thing yang aku kene ubah ialah perangai PANAS BARAN aku.. entah laa, aku sedar sejak due menjak neh aku senang sangat nak mengamuk.. ish ish.. terukkan perempuan cenggituh? tak leh jadik bini orang.. hahah

Monday, August 6, 2012

bila serabut ==''

and now, i keep on thinking about my life my future.. its really complicated actually. why? there's nothing to do with my LOVE STORY again. but this time, its all about my education. i will continue my studies this September. i think it just around the corner, and now i'm running out of time. seriously, i didn't do anything yet. oh my GOD, i feel so depressed and i feel like i'm lost, seriously. i have to settle up all the application and all the form. i don't even know which one i would start with. maybe with MEDICAL CHECK UP? fuhh ==''

but at the same time, i feel so excited because i'm about to go back to UPM :) miss that place damn much! and miss all the things happened there.. my friends, my lecturers, my habits and him also. but i really know, this time it won't be easy to me. i hope i will never meet him again. surely, he doesn't willing to see me right?.. i'm ready for any possibilities. to be like someone he'd never know and be a stranger to him, i am ready..

oppss, it is just out of the topic. actually, i would like to say that i really miss my friends. my classmate, they are not really get in havoc, but they are the best ever. the memories remain in my heart and i will never get rid of that memories.. its just so precious to me that i can only gain when i stayed with them there at UPM.. and i will stay back there without them because we get different course for degree.. and for sure, i got what i desire the most ever since.. yess.. DOKTOR PERUBATAN VETERINAR.. doctor in veterinary medicine..

okeoke, i've made my decision.. i have to get ready and be well-prepared for the registration day :) yes, keep it up girl, fight to the finish.. hmm, money?? yeah, one of my problems right now.. but we can find money but we can't find chance.. hhee.. its my fate, so don't waste it right :) hee

pray for me yaa :)

Lasting Forever..

I find it’s hard to express my feelings. The way I feel about what were happening in my surrounding. It starts to get complicated when I’m about to finish my studies. My love story, actually I found someone that loving me and giving me his whole heart. It started unevenly and I didn’t plan it. He fell in love with me since the first day of lecture class. We were in the same class that day but honestly I didn’t notice him. I am so sorry. When he confessed his pure love, I’m shocked but I am not that surprised to know that because I didn’t feel like want to get to him. 

But when time goes by, I feel something different towards him. This common feeling turns to weird one. At the beginning, I didn’t know what was meant to be. But at last, I knew that I’ve had fall in love with that guy. With the strength that I have, I’ve made confession. At that time, I didn’t care if he doesn’t love me anymore or gives me negative feedback. But what I really know is I do love him. After I told him the truth, he just didn’t believe me. He didn’t believe that this girl could give him some space for his love. Yes, I do really love him. He takes good care of me so much, he brightens my days and he makes me smile when I was by his side. Thanks dear. 

But everything changed when I made big mistake ever in my life. I left him for someone else, someone that I loved the most once in a lifetime. That guy came to my life and starts to ruin my love story. My love story with someone named A**** S*******. He keeps on doing something that can make me get back to him. R*** always reminds me to avoid from being closed to that guy, but I refused. I’m hard-headed. At last, I’ve make a big mistake because I didn’t listen to someone that love me sincerely. Surely I’ve take wrong step. And now, I have to live with the consequences that I made myself. He leaved me and now I’m alone. Actually, I missed the moment of us. But when he yelled at me that night, I feel like I lost my pride already in front of him. 

Seriously, I am too na├»ve. I hate him for treating me like bitch. Yes, I am totally wrong because loved two people at the same time. It is totally wrong. But please don’t make me feel like I am bitch. It really hurts. But its fine for me, I do really love him now but I will never let him know ever because I don’t want to act like a bitch. The thing that I am really sure is I will always love him ever since. Let me loving him. I know what I have to do now, I pray to God that one day he will accept me back. Hopefully he will manage to give his love to me but not someone else. Actually I regret with the chaos that I’ve made. It is totally wrong for me and I’ve ruin my own love story. He is just too kind for a girl like me. I don’t deserve to be with a guy like him. 

Even though he doesn’t know that I love him with full of my heart, but I will always pray for him for the best. I really hope that we could be together again. If it is not meant to be right now, but I will keep on thinking that the moment will arrive someday. I will keep on believing that miracle could happen. I wait for that precious moment because you are the one that I really want to be with the most. Sorry for all the stupid things that I created. Deep in my heart, you are the only one and it will never change. He makes me smile, he makes me cry, he makes me feel like I am something, he never stop saying that he loves me and I missed all the things about him. If we were not meant to be together someday, I will always remember the precious moments between us. I do really love you  A**** S******* . But I really know, you will never can get along with this girl again. 

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