Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Early Marriage

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..

Early marriage? Yess.. This issue~ seriously, i'm going to talk about it based on my own opinion.. I am strongly agreed with this thingy.. I think, people who think of marrying in early age is awesome.. They are brave enough to take the risks.. They are big enough to hold the responsibility.. They are just so great. It doesnt even show that i am so eagerly want to marry now.. But basically, yes i do.. The main reason is that i dont want to enjoy my teenage joyful moment.. Stop it soon.. Haha.. I was concerned about a couple, but they are not really couple because they have already married each other. Alright, here is the excitement part actually.. They are just around my age.. My Gad!! When i followed their progress, i've got that feeling.. There is an excitement of marrying in early age.. Wee.. Ok, serious!! Its not because imma kind of gatal.. Hahha.. But not to mention laa.. Last night, i've got a piece of paper.. Its a questionnaire.. Guess the topic of the paper?? Hahha.. EARLY MARRIAGE!! haha.. See.. Its not my problem at all if im talking about marriage.. In fact, here in my college in my faculty in my university.. They are all talking about MARRIAGE.. hahah.. Cliche~ and.. Just to mention, i will never get married while in studying still.. Because~ he refused to.. Huhu.. Thanks

Monday, December 17, 2012

Foreign vs. Local

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..

Alright. Just like the previous entry, im going to talk about the presentation thing. U know what?? When one of the groups presenting in front, there is a weird one who was sitting on at the back.. Just after that group finished all the slides preapared, that hardly arrogant nonfemale human being came out with his annoying intelectually challenge question.. "why bla.. Bla.. Bla.." the hall was kept in silence mode.. Who was that? We were asking each other.. Why was he asked them rudely.. Why didnt he tried to come out with the question politely? Euww.. Seriously.. We lost respect toward that foreign guy.. He is not really foreign actually. The best part is he is malay too.. Haha.. Its great.. Hahah.. Just to mention here, we are actually really need to respect each other.. No matter where they come from, what color are they, what races are they, what religious believe are they practising.. The only way to strengthen the bond in between us is through this RESPECTFUL side.. Thats is called ethics, morals and values..

Poster Presentation

Assalammualaikum.. Yes.. Currently, have just finished my presentation. It is the biggest one actually. And for sure, preparation is there and we r just doing it all out.. But, it is such a crap when i pronounced KALUI weirdly. Hahaha.. Seriously, i dont even noticed it and they laughed all over the hall.. Hahah.. But, do i care? Huhu.. Basically, we passed the presentation one by one and when the time comes for me to present.. Hahah.  i dont know what im talking about actually.  hahah.. Then they laughed.. What the heck is that.. Uneventually, i asked them "salah ke".. Oupss.. Fortunately it is not our STEPMOTHER lecture class. If not, my gad.. I would have fined for talking in FOREIGN LANGUAGE. Heh.. For y'll information, talking in your mother tongue which is MALAY is extremely restricted. It is considered as a foreign language.. The only one that we can use while communicating is OMPUTEH.. hahah.. Ouhh crap.. KALUI KALUI KALUI.. HAHHA.. alright.. Clearly, its my bad.. Wkaka..

Monday, December 10, 2012

dear Sharezza =)

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..

Ehem ehem~ saje je nak gtahu.. kite pon ade encik HUBBY =) nama dea AARON AZIZ (bukan nama sebenar).. dea pernah cakap kat kite, dea ade BERLAKON dalam OMBAK RINDU.. ahaha.. kite YE kan saje + hanya mampu TERSENYUM.. huhuhu.. dea memang RAJA dalam hati kite pon.. tak kesah laa kite SUKA carik gadoh dengan dea sekalipun, dea tetap duduk RANKING pertama dalam <3 nehh.. FEWITT~

Kekadang tuh kite saje taknak PAHAM dea, sebab kite nak TENGOK dea akan cakap ape dekat kite.. so far, dea akan JAGA HATI kite.. takda laa TERASA HATI sangat dengan KATA-II dea.. memang pandai =) but but but, kite kekadang tuh ade laa rasa SEDIH.. kite pon tktahu nape, biasanya kite rase tetibe jekk.. bukan salah kite.. salah BABY.. hahaha =p (ade kene mengena ke??).. masa kite SUSAH, dea ar yang jadi RESCUE TEAM.. ala-II BAYWATCH gituh.. so SWEET.. dea comel macam LISA SURIHANI tau..

Kite tak terfikir akan PUBLISH sesuatu yang begini.. tapi kite memang nak dea TAHU, camne MARAH, SEDIH, TERASA, TERLUKA, GERAM dll pon dengan dea, kite tetap letak dea no. 1 DALAM carta hati.. hehehe.. and one more last thing, bila kite nak gtahu SEMUA orang yang mite maen-II jekk pasal MAJLIS tuh?? Ahaha.. =p

: : jangan GADUH-II k, sebab ianya sangat MENYAKITKAN kite.. sekali sekala mengalah, tak salah kan?? : :

rambut sama hitam, hati lain-II..

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..
Dah lame tak ngeUPDATE ini BELOG.. yes, rendu sesangat nak MENAEP panjang-II lebor.. ahaa (Nampak tak keJOHORan tersebut).. hehee.. actually, if i FEEL some kind of feelings baru laa ade MOOD nak menaep-II neh.. and for sure this time i have something to write.. not much, just a little bit from what i have been through these past few days.. GEMBIRA tahap KRITIKAL, SEDIH tahap GULING-II, TERKEJUT tahap SAKIT JANTUNG, RISAU tahap MIGRAIN.. sesume laa senang cite.. huhu

We go through one by one laa senang.. first, daripada apa yang aku AMATI.. (cehh, bahasa SANSKRIT gitu).. i noticed something.. its a common sense laa.. setiap orang ade PERANGAI sebegitu.. but for me, jangan laa OBVIOUS sangat kan? Erkk.. it is actually SOMETHING like this.. “mintak TOLONG boleh??”.. “haruslah boleh”.. (berikan sebaik mungkin).. but when the other time comes.. “wehweh.. mintak TOLONG boleh? EMERGENCY nehh”.. “boleh TAPI bla bla bla.. kesimpulannya, TAK BOLEH laa”.. ahaha.. get me??

Next one.. KIRA.. it is totally not CALCULATION theory or what else.. but BERKIRA.. tak kesah laa kalau nak berkira pon, tapi bila SUSAH tahu pulak cari kita kan.. nak taknak TOLONG laa jugakk.. Cuma aku PELIK siket ar.. aku neh takda laa BAGUS mana, nak cakap aku BAIK mang jauh sekali laa.. tapi, aku tak adalah sampai BERKIRA sangat dengan dot dot dot tuh.. tapi KENAPA turn dea~ beliau sangatlah suka melakukan OPERASI tambah tolak darab bahagi.. aishh ==’’

Bila aku dah BESAR nanti, (perghh, ayat SEDAPkan hati.. kalau tengok SAIZ memang KECIK sangat -__-‘’).. aku harap tak jadik seperti mereka-II.. and and and, yang paling penting just want to live my life happily ever after dengan Mr. Sharezza saya.. HAHAHA.. its quite hurting whenever i think about that.. just imagine, someone who we think could help us in a tight situation.. but refused to do what we asked~ and all this time, FORTUNATELY.. my Mr. Sharezza ade.. banyak sangat membantu, even kengkadang aku terpaksa MEMAKSA nya.. ahaha.. and i knew, he knows that i forced him -___-‘’

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