Monday, December 17, 2012

Poster Presentation

Assalammualaikum.. Yes.. Currently, have just finished my presentation. It is the biggest one actually. And for sure, preparation is there and we r just doing it all out.. But, it is such a crap when i pronounced KALUI weirdly. Hahaha.. Seriously, i dont even noticed it and they laughed all over the hall.. Hahah.. But, do i care? Huhu.. Basically, we passed the presentation one by one and when the time comes for me to present.. Hahah.  i dont know what im talking about actually.  hahah.. Then they laughed.. What the heck is that.. Uneventually, i asked them "salah ke".. Oupss.. Fortunately it is not our STEPMOTHER lecture class. If not, my gad.. I would have fined for talking in FOREIGN LANGUAGE. Heh.. For y'll information, talking in your mother tongue which is MALAY is extremely restricted. It is considered as a foreign language.. The only one that we can use while communicating is OMPUTEH.. hahah.. Ouhh crap.. KALUI KALUI KALUI.. HAHHA.. alright.. Clearly, its my bad.. Wkaka..

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