Saturday, April 27, 2013


Selamat ptg semuaaaa. Today TOT at 13th college. Blerghhhh. Bosannn. Mengntuk. And guess wht, esok dah la exm kenegaraan anddddd i ! Still chapter 3. Mental rase. Erghhh. Tak sabar nak hbis baksis. Sgt malas dhhhh. Weekend is holiday. I hve a date with my bed and dream. LOL

Sooo, doakan saya dan izzatul hus  berjaya dgn gemilang cemerlang tauuu. Plissss. Next, tdi borak dfn seorg sis ni. Lpak sebelah aku. Dah kawen kottt. Hebt kannnnn. Aku nak kahwinnnnnn  ! Tpi mgkin masa tak sesuai lagi kot. After i become a doctor of veterinar. Nak bukak zoo. Nk beli gajah, anak rimau, impala, pandaaaaa, penguin. Ohh comel sihh. Hahahaha. Senang nnti aku  nk rawat. Bhahaha. So, sesape nk tau terperinci as vet, tnye jee.

Bru nk aku google google pics. Jumpe gmbr anak tomok dgn irma hasnie. Oh my Allah. Comel bam bam. Gerammmmm nyaaaaahhhh !
Nak anak mcm tu #eh. Akan ku jga bagai .... Lupe la peribahasa tu -.- cisss. Ok . Tak pnting.

Abes kolegiat nie. Dting jap with my love. Hehe. Lpas tu balik tidoo. Huhu. Stadi ? Lpas bgun. Exam kot esok. Nutrition isnin. Risau plak. Tpi set positif in my mind,


xoxo published !

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It Starts in 3 2 1..

assalammualaikum.. hi peeps :) long time no see hah.. HAHAH.. okfine, broken habes =..= it's ok.. just back to the main point.. what is actually gonna happen? what is actually gonna start? yups, it seems like it did already happened to me.. yes! i'm in my second semester of being a vet student.. to be honest, it is a very interesting course to be in.. but deep in my heart, i am the only one who knows how it feels when u need to take a big responsibility.. hahaha.. ayat mengade-ngade pulakk..

alright.. here it goes.. as what i said in previous entry.. i've been accepted as a vet student.. jyeahhh!!! i was so happy.. why? because this is what my parents really want me to do.. and i'm glad as i can do what they want. for the past semester, it was full of suka dan duka.. theres so much thing to remember.. but being as a vet student, it makes me to open my mind.. widely!! i realized that this is a best opportunity to perform well.. jyeahh.. shine bright like a dimengggg!!

gambar kat atas ni, this is when we're doing our first time ever practical in Mini Zoo Kemaman.. it was so exciting!! seriously.. for y'll information, we were in group of six.. the one who was wearing t-shirt with purple in color is the one who has taught us a lot.. thanks Kak Ti :) there's someone left behind, the one who took that picture.. it's Bella

and we have 'Mektam' together with.. hmm.. i cant remember the name of the white horse =..= seriously.. we've been told by our lecturer in UPM that horse can't be easily handled by human.. they are unpredictable.. and yes.. when we deal with those creature, we really need to be extra cautious! hehe.. but, Mektam really gives us her cooperation.. we've got the opportunity to take her for a walk.. 

while doing our practical there, i was so happy and glad.. everytime i went for a visit to a place like this one.. i went for a visiting purpose, but this time.. it is totally different. people as a visitor looked at us.. we are as one of the staff at there.. we were wearing our uniform :) and i feel so proud of wearing it! because we are vet student!!

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