Friday, October 4, 2013

Piece of Me :)

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..

Ouchhh, da lama gile tak post entry. Well, bila naik sem baru ni memang obviously busy dia berlipat kali ganda.. as what has been assigned, I got 7 lab and practicals in total for a week.. tak kira lagi buat kerja luar.. macam ape? Subject ethology.. ada study trip!  And yang penting, during my weekends! No way, I’m gonna miss my bed.. fuhhhh.. but what is the most important thing? Dah takda KOKO!! Jyeahhh.. 2 credit hours tu aku da buat past two semesters.. so rilek laa sikit.. and in your face laa for those yang tak amek koko sem lepas!! Wuuuu :3

Pejam celik pejam celik, aku dah start test 1.. the first test tu semalam (Khamis), paper ethology.. malam sebelum test tu, aku wat lek je.. siap main-II ag.. bukak nota, buat short notes, tapi nokhorom aku tak paham satu ape.. bahasa Inggeris dia mak aii.. hahaha, esoknya baru laa lincah kaduk nak hafal bagai =,= hahahah biasa laa.. university life! Study at the last minute (eleventh hour kate koww) and alhamduliilah, aku dapat bantai laa jawapan sume.. hahahah, Nampak tak permainannya kat situ.. and so-not-myself laa, aku keluar awal.. yeaaaahhhhaaa!!

And finish about ujian-thingy.. and we are counting down for our biggest event of the year! DOGATHON 2013!! I’m totally not under publicity division, and sorry for saying with a straight face.. aku Cleanliness Division.. well, it’s a good job guys.. tk kesa laa, janji boleh contribute something for that event! Just like the previous year, this is basically an annual event.. so its compulsory for each one of the vet-to-be! And yet, sangat-sangat best.. last year keje aku sangat busy.. under programmer division..

 so apa tunggu lagi, everyone is invited!

So, inilah aku yang sekarang..

this one was during ruminant practical.. kene tumbangkan lembu wehh! tapi sangat seronok.. and the upcoming lesson, kene buat rectal palpation :)

and for haters, please don't be so low-minded.. this is my job, well and yes.. we as vet, will cover the whole fields including swine production.. and Alhamdulillah, i got the chance to visit one of the swine farm in Sepang area.. and what i thought all this time is totally wrong.. the farm is quite clean.. what the best thing i've ever seen is the sow and the boar itself! it's really huge.. the sow brings about 10++ piglets alone.. wuuu :3 and each one of the piglets is so cute! no doubt guys, take a look at it by yourself once then u will know what i mean.. 

taddaaa.. and last word, don't judge someone by what she/he is doing.. coz u don't know what is their profession :)

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