Monday, August 6, 2012

bila serabut ==''

and now, i keep on thinking about my life my future.. its really complicated actually. why? there's nothing to do with my LOVE STORY again. but this time, its all about my education. i will continue my studies this September. i think it just around the corner, and now i'm running out of time. seriously, i didn't do anything yet. oh my GOD, i feel so depressed and i feel like i'm lost, seriously. i have to settle up all the application and all the form. i don't even know which one i would start with. maybe with MEDICAL CHECK UP? fuhh ==''

but at the same time, i feel so excited because i'm about to go back to UPM :) miss that place damn much! and miss all the things happened there.. my friends, my lecturers, my habits and him also. but i really know, this time it won't be easy to me. i hope i will never meet him again. surely, he doesn't willing to see me right?.. i'm ready for any possibilities. to be like someone he'd never know and be a stranger to him, i am ready..

oppss, it is just out of the topic. actually, i would like to say that i really miss my friends. my classmate, they are not really get in havoc, but they are the best ever. the memories remain in my heart and i will never get rid of that memories.. its just so precious to me that i can only gain when i stayed with them there at UPM.. and i will stay back there without them because we get different course for degree.. and for sure, i got what i desire the most ever since.. yess.. DOKTOR PERUBATAN VETERINAR.. doctor in veterinary medicine..

okeoke, i've made my decision.. i have to get ready and be well-prepared for the registration day :) yes, keep it up girl, fight to the finish.. hmm, money?? yeah, one of my problems right now.. but we can find money but we can't find chance.. hhee.. its my fate, so don't waste it right :) hee

pray for me yaa :)

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