Sunday, March 31, 2013

What's Wrong With Tomorrow?

assalammualaikum wbt.. hi guys.. again, i really have a lot of things to share.. it's all bout my life, and now yes.. i feel so upset because of what i got for my first test result.. it's nutrition course.. and fact, its quite hard and tough tho.. what can i say is that this is the extending course from the previous one (veterinary biochemistry).. as the conclusion, i found it was really really difficult to learn.. and now, i'm struggling for the second chance.. i will be seated for the re-test of that course tomorrow.. 

please, just pray the best for me. and i have two subject test tomorrow.. it's nutrition and english test.. i'm just hoping that i would have the free-feel and so relief feeling tomorrow.. i hope that i can do the best for the rest of semester.. it might be so cool if i can get a scholarship for the second year of studies.. i come from a moderate family and well of course it sometimes goes really bad according to my financial aspect. i can really see the difference between myself and them (who got any scholarship).. the way we spend our money is so different, what i ate, what i used.. they don't have the same thing as mine..

it is totally not meant like i want to be pampered by all those convenience.. but just imagine if i have to ikat perut and eat only once in a day (sometimes) or else twice in a day.. how suffer i am actually.. but, it will never affect myself from being so passionate girl to achieve what i dream.. i will study hard and achieve for the best cause i have the intention to continue my study in the oversea.. inshaALLAH :D

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