Friday, November 18, 2011

no one could understand..

Talking to the moon..

*i want you listen to me, i have no one right now. I only have you and you’re shining brightly tonight. I only noticed your existance not the others.

*please listen to my heart, its too hard for me to face all these obstacle. I’m only an ordinary girl. I don’t have any speciality, i stand by my own. And now, it will always be like this.

*i have big problems now, but no one can help me. I only seek for HIS helps. Ya Allah, please help me. I’m begging you, please makes my father healthier and live longer. If it had been written, just take me. Don’t take him. My family still needs and loves him.

*nothing can describes his suffer, no one understand his condition, no one could feel his painful. Its so hard for me to think about it. Only the person itself knows how its going so far.

*honestly from deep of my heart, i hurted a lot. I feel a lot of pains and suffering from all that happened.  But, it can’t be compared with my father’s condition right now. Oh God, let me bears his suffer. Let him be healthier, let him live longer, let him be happier. It’s alright for me. If it is only the way to make him better, yes i will do anything.

*now the only thing that is vital for me is my father. I love you so much dad. I will try to be a good daughter you ever have. I promise. God, help me to achieve my dream, this is the only thing that i want to think about.

*take me, let him free...

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