Friday, November 18, 2011

MUET muet MUET..

what should i do now? maybe, nothing! its getting late.. as what i know, i'm preparing for nothing.. which means i don't do anything.. oh my GOD, please help me tomorrow.. it just around the corner and now i can feel butterflies fly in my stomach and they won't stop! i really afraid of the LISTENING test! why? i had tried to do the LISTENING test.. and ohh GOD.. its really hard.. i can't concentrate to the speaker and i got confused whenever i tried to read the question and at the same time i tried to listen to the keywords.. plus! i don't know how will the test is happening.. here, i just want some good advices or tips that can make me be comfortable with the situation.. at least, i will not be like a DUMMIES when i go to the EXAMINATION room.. if possible, when i walked into the room so that i know what i need to do.. it is only my first problem here and i have another problem regarding to the same thing! yeah yeah yeah.. same goes to the WRITING test.. what should i write on the paper? do i need to write down my own silly words or based on some aspects? i don't know! this is my first time ever when i take an examination without further briefing or information.. i know NOTHING! i hope, GOD will help me tomorrow and i should be able to do the best.. i'm expecting high expectation which i need to achieve.. i don't want to be OVERCONFIDENT or something, but for sure i need to do the best until the end.. right? if tomorrow could end with a smile, i would be the happiest person ever in the WORLD.. now, i think i want to call my mum.. and seek for her powerful advice! hahaa.. don't be so jealousy ohk?? wkaka

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