Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mimpi Jadi Kenyataan?


Lama sungguh tak menulis, as I'm just too busy dealing with classes and bunch of tests in three consecutive weeks. orang lain dok sebok bersosial, bergembira, berjimba.. but aku? tersangkut dengan segala tests! it's okay, cause it really challenges my skills. hahaha and now, got no mood at all to study.. dah rabu, yet i didn't get any inputs yet and final will be starting next week.. or i should change my method of studying? i'm running out of time tho.. ermmm and this is not the thing that i want to talk about.. 

well ptg tadi, aku tido.. tido yg sangat lama. and it comes to a big whole of journey of mimpi.. haha over! entahlah, lately ni asyik mimpi kene kahwin je.. why? i think, i'm not ready to get married, but i'm so in love with babies and kids. sebab anak buah semua aku yang jaga, merasa jadi mummy walaupun belum masanya. last time, there's one guy fell in love with me because he saw me treating my nieces. dia cakap, i'm her type! haha nonsense..

okay back to the point. dalam mimpi aku ni..

i met one guy. i didn't know him, and he's from a rich family. i treated him like no one, but it went serious when he loves me. hahahah macam drama siottt :3 and, i do like him. and we both fall in love. his parents also nice and treat me like their daughter. i helped that guy doing charity works where we sell novels and things during our free time. aku pon banyak terpengaruh dengan novel, so i love to sell the books! we did it. but at that time, i didn't know that he has abang. after awhile, i met his abang. and i do treat him like ABANG! my brother-in-law laaa.. his abang ni duda, got sorang anak perempuan yg super duper cute. as i mentioned, i'm crazy about cute babies and kids. 

yang aku tkpaham, anak abg tu sangat baik dengan aku. behaving good whenever around me. tu yg aku suka, aku tak suka budak yg nakal. hahahah even in reality pun, i'm not ready to get married but i'm sooooo ready to have a baby. so anak org pon aku treat mcm anak sendiri. kikiki dalam mimpi aku tu, abang my boyfriend to treat me like hell.. like aku tk wujud.. it's okay cause aku bukan nak dia! aku nak adik dia.. hahahaahah so, juts go with it, and i don't give a damn la. hahahah and here it comes, dia (abang tu) nak jumpa my whole family. he invited my family to have big dinner together. we went to restoran tepi laut and melantak seafood. hahaha orang belanja, apa lagi..

and during makan-II tu, berbual-II la.. aku pelik sebenarnya pasaipa dia ajak jumpa family aku ngan family dia.. boyfriend aku pon ade. and macam biasa, anak abang tu berkepit dengan aku jelah. hahahahah and abang tu started to say a word. he said to my mum and dad. 'makcik, pakcik.. saya nak kawen dengan anak makcik'.. and i was likeee............ :3 tersedak lar! yang aku tahu, dia kenal aku sorang dlm adik-beradik. yes, dia maksudkan aku.. i was like, what??? dahlah layan aku macam ape, dia tu garang! taknak aku.. 

and the discussion ongoing, at last dapat kata sepakat. i have to marry that guy. ABANG nya bukan ADIK! and that adik izinkan aku kawen dengan abangnya.. bersebab. bila aku sendiri jumpa that abang, he explained to me why.. he knows that i will be a good mother to his baby.. ibu baby dah tkde.. and she should be replaced, as the baby grows up kan. and that abang won't live longer :( he got chronic disease which he may end up living for a short time. he said, i shouldn't be worried because i just need to be a good mother. once he died, i can marry his adik. hahahah gilossss

and that abang pon kaya, workaholic. kesenangan untuk ditinggalkan pada baby.. huhu and at last.. i marry him... 

tu diaaa ceghita mengarutnya kahkahkah

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