Saturday, October 25, 2014

Something To Remember..


Hehe, see what this girl is trying to do? She changed her mind from doing her practical report, and now~ updating new entry.. nice one Farah.. hahaha its okay la i guess.. cuti still got one more month, so aku rasa sempat sgt nak siapkan dua report yg tak seberapa panjang tu.. hahahah time macam ni, siapa je yang ade mood nak buat report? hahah its time to melaghakan diri.. bahaha :P bukan apa, sebenarnya aku terasa satu beban.. beban atas bahu, atas kepala.. semua la~ terasa sangat-II berat and i just cant take it anymore.. maybe its time to make things clear! clear to each one who decided to interfere with my life..

yes, who knows.. dulu, i was nothing.. no one could see me as the way i am.. no one because im just the ordinary girl.. takde apa yg dapat dibanggakan.. but now it may look different.. and its not the main point here.. its all about my life, my heart.. i hv said million times, i will only love him.. and i just cant stop loving him.. no matter what happen, yes i cant see other people.. im blinded by his love.. 

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