Monday, May 12, 2014

Kemengarutan di Malam Hari..

Assalammualaikum wbt..
hi yolsssss..

again, studying till late night! shut up, I deserved to be like this. study in the very last minute, padahal ade banyak masa for revision. and I chose this way, padan muka kalau tk dapat jawab. huh :3 and the last post, about pathology test. and abviously, I studied for the same subject tonight but for the third test.. yes, THIRD TEST guys.. well, UPM stands for Universiti Peperiksaan Malaysia.. sangat banyak exam.. if it possible I guess, they will do the test for each consecutive weeks.. and its happening to my course, we got papers each weeks. congrats congrats!

its not about test alone, its about last friday, last saturday, upcoming thursday and upcoming sunday.. wow, so many plans huh? nope.. jumaat lepas, birthday abang saiful and the next day birthday ayah.. this coming thursday, birthday buah hati :D and...... guess what, tak dapat nak celebrate cause I have a paper that day.. bravo! *how did I stuck in this world?* plus, start from tomorrow I will have no much time to spend with him. every night till sunday, got dance practice. yes, ahad dah competition.. please pray for our victory :) excited and takut..

and now, i have so many plans to prepare the birthday present. but, got no money, time and everything.. how!!!!! why!!! can we just postpone his birthday to any other day please?? at least right after the competition and test thingy!! arghhhh I'm stressed -_- actually.. its ok.. nevermind. and now, I'm gonna talk about someone.. its not about my feeling itself, its just how hurt I am. why do people treat others differently? depending on their attire or what? kalau aku ni tak labuh tudung, nape pandang aku jijik sangat? yes, jijik.. why??? hampa baik sangat ye? I know, aku memang tak baik, but at least.. tak boleh ke layan semua orang sama rata? just curious.. no offense..

goodnight world, nak tido.. ngantuk sangat dah.. assalam

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