Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tonight :(

Assalammualaikum wbt..

hollaaaa.. rajin pulak I ngeupdate entry.. kehkehkeh.. surely, there must be something to share.. right? hahaha yest it is.. just now, got phone call from my dear Sharezza.. and this past few days, he changed a lot.. i dont know why and just now, he told me why.. I'm hoping for something, some good news or whatsoever, but.. no it didnt.. its about him going to be MTM again, for the second session.. meaning that, its gonna be the second year of being MTM.. and you dont know how does it feels.. dia punya busy, mashaAllah.. and seriously, he'll be having no time for himself and ME -_- its all about college, college and college.. seriously, aku tak suka sistem kolej dorang.. because the Pengetua got the power! sangat ade kuasa veto.. and what the pengetua want, they should fulfill it.. 

and for this whole a year, ohmaigad.. his life.. ermmmm ye as he said to me, aku kene TEMPIAS je.. when i said, i should prepare for this following a year, he said.. aku just kene tempias je, aku tak fikir life dia macamne.. okfine!!! aku tahu how does it feel, dia taknak sangat and dipaksa.. but, aku pon terasa jugak.. setahun aku bsabar, diabaikan.. but its ok, as he said laa.. aku malas dah nak cakap bebanyak, he keeps on repeating that AKU TAK FAHAM.. okok, what should i say to him then? sedih laa.. and memang terasa hati, sebab dia kata aku macam tu.. aku rasa tempias je! fine laa kalau mcm tu, then fikir sendiri yg terbaik.. aku diamkan je.. if anything happened, i will just sit, listen and see.. there is nothing much that i can.. i know nothing.. great! yes, there's nothing much that i can do.. 

To my dear sweetheart, I just wanna say.. dont bother about me, do whatever you feel better for your own future.. like it or not, I'll be accepting it with my whole heart.. i will always be there standing beside you in your happy and misery :)


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