Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Early Marriage

Assalammualaikum w.b.t..

Early marriage? Yess.. This issue~ seriously, i'm going to talk about it based on my own opinion.. I am strongly agreed with this thingy.. I think, people who think of marrying in early age is awesome.. They are brave enough to take the risks.. They are big enough to hold the responsibility.. They are just so great. It doesnt even show that i am so eagerly want to marry now.. But basically, yes i do.. The main reason is that i dont want to enjoy my teenage joyful moment.. Stop it soon.. Haha.. I was concerned about a couple, but they are not really couple because they have already married each other. Alright, here is the excitement part actually.. They are just around my age.. My Gad!! When i followed their progress, i've got that feeling.. There is an excitement of marrying in early age.. Wee.. Ok, serious!! Its not because imma kind of gatal.. Hahha.. But not to mention laa.. Last night, i've got a piece of paper.. Its a questionnaire.. Guess the topic of the paper?? Hahha.. EARLY MARRIAGE!! haha.. See.. Its not my problem at all if im talking about marriage.. In fact, here in my college in my faculty in my university.. They are all talking about MARRIAGE.. hahah.. Cliche~ and.. Just to mention, i will never get married while in studying still.. Because~ he refused to.. Huhu.. Thanks


abelxheer said...

hahaa ,gitu aku nak kahwin awal lah wahahahah

do follow me back yeah

abelxheer said...

aku pun nak kahwin awal lah .wahahaha .
follow me back

abelxheer said...

aku pun nak kahwin awal lah .wahahaha .
follow me back

Akira Kirana said...


farahKHALID'Sdaughter said...

ahaha.. kawen kawen.. jangan tak kawen =)

wisata outbound malang said...

Nice blog :)
salam kenal sobat :)
bagi - bagi motivasi
semoga bisa jadi semangat
Senyuman adalah sedekah yang indah, karena dengan sedekah senyuman, manusia takkan pernah merasa berhutang apa-apa dan tak kan membuat orang lain merasa terhina
ditunggu kunjungan baliknya yaa :) terima kasih ....

hotmasakini said...

folo me back

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