Wednesday, January 4, 2012

one mistake ever in my life.. [capital K]

seriously, it still bears in my mind.. WE'RE JUST FRIENDS.. NOT MORE THAN THAT.. hey dude, do i say anything about you and me.. ouhh, stop flying up in my mind! i'm sick of all these! oke, i make a mistake.. only once! and i will never make it TWICE! yeah, i admitted my fault.. i'm not really understand you maybe.. but stop treats me like the way you do right now! it makes me feel more shameful.. 

i feel ashamed every time you call me, every time you come to me.. so please, i'm begging you.. i need MORE TIME to come back as usual.. give me time to think and make me comfort again.. and for your information, you make me feel BAD.. really BAD!!! oke, i know.. i don't deserve it right? oke.. i accept your decision! and, you make me think that i am a bad person..

anyway, thanks for make me realize that we can't play with our own heart so suddenly.. and thanks for makes me can't sleep well.. please, i beg you.. DON'T DO SOMETHING THAT CAN MAKES ME HURT FOR THE SECOND TIME!!

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